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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my parent is ready for assisted living?

This is very personal decision that is influenced by many factors.  Consider the following questions and answer honestly:

If my mom had an emergency would it be difficult for her to call for help in a timely manner?
Are your parents trying to hide falls by covering up bruises?
Is your mom fearful when she is alone at home?
Does dad sometimes forget to take his medicine as his doctor has prescribed it?  Does he get it mixed up?
Has dad’s doctor suggested he consider assisted living placement?
Is it hard for mom to manage household responsibilities like laundry and housekeeping? Are things not as neat as they once were?
Is your parent telling you that he is eating, but you’re seeing food spoil?
Does your dad's prized lawn not look as green as it used to be?

It’s easy to overlook signs of decline in older adults; if you answered yes to even a couple of these questions, your parent may be ready to consider assisted living. 

How is assisted living regulated in South Carolina?

Springhill is licensed by the state health department as a community residential care facility (assisted living). We are inspected and evaluated during unannounced visits yearly. Our kitchen is inspected and regulated just like your favorite restaurant.

Do you accept Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance?

Some of our residents have private, long term care insurance that may provide benefits for assisted living. Residents may qualify for assistance from the Veteran's Administration; the VA's Aid and Attendance program provides benefits for those who meet financial requirements and are veterans or the spouse of a veteran.

How can I send mail to a resident there?

Yes! We encourage letters, cards, and packages to be sent to our residents. Please include the resident's full name with the following address:
Springhill Assisted Living
Resident's Full Name
514 S. Gum Street
Pageland, SC 29728

What is included in the room rate?

There are many amenities included. You will be find a list on our Amenities page.

There are services that are offered for an additional cost. You view these on our Paid Services page.

Do I have to sign a long term lease?

Our residents lease their room on a month to month basis without long term leases.

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